Should I do New Game Plus Starfield?

When it comes to gaming, one of the most exciting prospects is the opportunity to revisit a beloved title and experience it in a fresh and challenging way. “New Game Plus” (NG+) has become a popular feature in many games, offering players the chance to do just that. Starfield, Bethesda’s highly anticipated upcoming game, is no exception. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of New Game Plus in the context of Starfield and help you decide whether embarking on this adventure is the right choice for you.

Understanding New Game Plus

What is New Game Plus?

New Game Plus is a gaming feature that allows players to start a new playthrough of a game while retaining certain progress and advantages from their previous completion. In essence, it’s a way to add replayability to a title by introducing new challenges and opportunities.

The Origins of New Game Plus

The concept of New Game Plus has its roots in role-playing games (RPGs) and has evolved over the years to become a staple in various game genres. It was initially introduced to enhance the experience for players who had already completed a game and wanted to continue their journey with a more powerful character.

The Pros of New Game Plus

Enhanced Challenge

One of the primary benefits of New Game Plus is the increased difficulty. Enemies are often scaled up to match the player’s heightened abilities, providing a more challenging and engaging gameplay experience.

Retaining Progress

NG+ allows you to carry over character progression, equipment, and items from your previous playthrough. This means you can start the game with a character who is already well-equipped and formidable.

Exploring Alternate Endings

Many games offer multiple endings, and New Game Plus often provides an opportunity to explore alternative storylines and outcomes. This encourages replayability and a deeper understanding of the game’s narrative.

Unlocking Hidden Content

Developers frequently hide secret items, quests, or Easter eggs that are only accessible in New Game Plus. Exploring these hidden gems can be a rewarding experience.

Is New Game Plus for Starfield Worth It?

Starfield’s Promise

Starfield, Bethesda’s highly anticipated space exploration game, promises a vast and immersive universe to explore. With the introduction of NG+, players can look forward to revisiting this captivating world with their well-developed characters.

Consider Your Playstyle

Before diving into New Game Plus for Starfield, consider your preferred playstyle. If you enjoy a challenge, crave exploration, and want to uncover hidden mysteries, then NG+ may be a perfect fit for you.

Balancing Act

It’s important to strike a balance between the thrill of a challenging experience and the enjoyment of your character’s progression. NG+ offers both, making it an enticing option for players seeking variety.


In the world of gaming, New Game Plus has become a cherished feature that breathes new life into beloved titles. When it comes to Starfield, the decision to embark on an NG+ journey ultimately depends on your gaming preferences. If you’re eager to dive back into Bethesda’s richly crafted universe, face tougher challenges, and uncover hidden treasures, then New Game Plus in Starfield may be an adventure worth undertaking.

Remember, gaming is all about enjoying the experience, and NG+ offers a unique way to do just that.

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